You know how it goes… a thought enters your mind, an idea of some sort and you realize that you like the idea. So you run it by someone else, and as you share, the blurry edges start to take shape and the more you talk about it, the more excited you get. Then it is like an avalanche, simply no stopping it!

That’s how it went with this story. Over a steaming cup of Latte dear Jessy of Brautstories bounced the idea of a give-away for her one-year blog anniversary off of me. My first response was more subtle, cuz’ I was thinking, ‘well this is nothing new, it’s all been done before’. You must know, I am all for new & creative. I don’t like repetitions in my business. So we chatted a bit, and as time progressed we found ourselves talking faster and louder and sitting up taller in our chairs leaning toward each other. I bet the other customers in that little Café thought we’d won the jackpot or something! When I get rolling with ideas, I start to be kind of rude, interrupting people with ‘oh, you know what…’ or ‘and we could also…’ or ‘listen, listen, listen, this is just perfect…’. After the coffee was long gone, we knew, we would create something very special for this oh so common give-away.


The story of how we found the perfect couple and our adventure over in the realms of Royals please do read up on the lovely Brautstories or the amazing Nadia Meli’s blog. If you haven’t done so already, make sure you do, it’s a sweet story altogether! I for my part like to take you a bit through the creating process of this event and why this gets me so excited, even now after it’s all done.


So how do we start to create an event around two individuals so unique there are none alike on the face of the earth in general, but in particular here? A girl who loves everything associated with the royals, who loves art and is a musician herself and a guy who is more down to earth - very sweet, by profession a Controller (and happy with it! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT????? Escapes me! :) ). See, we didn’t want to have a couple’s shoot, which would have turned out very very lovely, but would’ve had nothing in particular to do with the two of them. For this event that was not enough. When first talking to Verena & Matthias, I noticed pretty much right away, that he had worries about being put in a role, he was not comfortable with. Not a rare thing in guys, I find. The details, the emotional stuff, the ‘ohs’ and ‘ahs’ they usually don’t have to deal with in everyday life, and therefore are not that comfortable with, which is totally ok.


This is where my exciting part starts: bringing the two together, so that they each as individuals but also as a couple see themselves represented, at the same time creating something wonderful and possibly breathtaking. As I thought through different scenarios, I always came back to the idea of creating something with a royal touch. Now, I love to create – have I mentioned that? Creating means being fresh, being different and individual in the work you do. That part always gets me excited to the max. This can only be done with a great team that is up for it and shares the same vision. That team was definitely in place, the couple game for it and little me so excited to be able to go wild!


Soon it was clear we’d be going to London for a royal shopping spree – which made Verenas heart go berzerk! Mine too by the way. But what to do with the male part of the couple, how do we make this event exciting for the both of them? Most guys, with rare exceptions – I admire you!!! - , are not too keen on shopping at all, let alone for a weekend of emotional wedding shopping! Matthias saw himself in tow of a group of adrenalin pushed females, dragging him around London, screaming every time they saw a shopping window, let alone stepping into a store! The challenge given, to include a typical guyish element, fun for the groom to do on such a wedding shopping trip, was not a small one, I can tell you. Don’t forget now, he’d not have the luxury of his friends company, if he for instance were to step into a pub for a time out, he’d be all alone! When finally the solution to this dilemma :) popped up in my mind, I think I actually gave out a little scream…. It is perfect, I thought: she’d go wedding dress shopping while he visits the ultimate guys place: the Barber! Not a better place to find, I think.


With the details all planned out we started on our much anticipated trip - which I loved every minute of.


Here it is our Wedding Shopping – Royal Style!


Day One: Verena & Matthias take off early, after a yummy breakfast, across London....


.... to step into the wedding cake temple: Peggy Porschen You actually think you died and went to heaven!

I think they actually wanted to taste every single item .... everything looked and tasted just yumm, yumm, yumm...

After having warmed up over a steaming Lovers-Latte, they started to map out their route taking them all over beautiful London. Verena had adopted the british motto pretty well :)

And then finally: sweet tasting time!!!

I guess it's a winner!


One very important item on the To-Do list was picking out their wedding stationary. A diffidult decision, the samples are all just soooo adorable.

Matthias being a real guy, probably likes the car design the most..... naaaaahhh, just kidding :)

Happy & well fed too, the next exciting stop is being tackeled.

Does Matthias know, where his cute lady is taking him.... hold on to your wallet Sir!

Even after walking up and down many of London's beautiful streets, there was hardly any stopping Verena, that sweet bride. I heard rumors of Matthias having to bribe her to finally leave downtown London and go back to the hotel... ;)


But let's go on to a very exciting Day 2:

Our lovebirds had to separate for a couple of hours. While going up to her very special place, Verena sent Matthias to the surprise she had planned for him. And Murdock Covent Garden just rocked!!!

But beforehand she had the very hard job of convincing Matthias to let his beard grow, which was quite a task for the neat Controller. But one does many things when in love....

Kial did such a great job in welcoming Matthias. Thanks Kial! Everyone at Murdock was just so friendly! Promise, you would have just loved it there.

Our very surprised Matthias was treated to a Whiskey first - Gentlemen Style!

Don't you just loooove all the details?


David said: "One of the last things left to us men is a good shave..." and started his craftsmenship... :)


I must tell you Matthias just looooved this part – and Verena could not stop touching his cheeks for the rest of the day – for they were like a babys…you know what....



Now Verena had a very different destination she needed to go to - while Matthias got his special pampering at the Barbers, Verena had her big appointment at a the most wonderful Bridal Couture Boutique Mirror Mirror. If you are still looking for a dress: this is a must! Maria the owner and one of the gifted designers takes great pride in making sure, every Bride gets thorough expert advice and consultation on the wedding dress. Making sure, the dress is a perfect fit for the bride! I was amazed at Maria's expertise.


Justine who assisted Verena that day, made her feel truly special and well taken care of. Thank you Justine for a really great & fun time!


This stop was so very special, for it made us breathe beauty!

I can't stop looking at these pics, what a stunning bride!

That special Moment, when the bride sees herself in the mirror!


And finally our sweet couple meets up again!



We just had so much fun that weekend roaming the streets of London to HER and to HIS as well as to BOTH of their places. Our German royals were as comfortable as could be, as a couple and as individuals. Mission accomplished!


One other amazing thing happened, which does not happen very often, but when it does it is beautiful: that moment when strangers become friends! Thanks to Jessy for the lead in this and being such a good sport all the way, saying “Si!” every time I had a request! To wonderfully talented Nadia, for pictures taken, which are simply out of this world – thank you my friend! To the sweetest couple you have ever seen: Verena & Matthias. You guys just warmed my heart!


Thanks to all and everyone who had a part in this wonderful shoot - especially to our friends over in London, who lend their plances to us to go wild in!You are awesome!


Initiator: Brautstories

Photography: Nadia Meli

Barber Shop: Murdock London - Covent Garden Branch

Bridal Couture: Mirror Mirror, London

Headpieces: Dolecka


Thanks also to a very friendly cab driver to have stopped at the curb just for us!



I cannot beginn to tell you how excited I am to present you with this wonderful peace of Art by Marco Dück | Films! Marco definitely knows his stuff - this I knew from the very first time we spoke about Wedding Viedeography roughly six months ago. Marco was so fired up about his dream, there was no doubt he'd pour his whole heart into it! He introduced me to the best in the industry and what can I say: I am hooked!


Our paths crossed actually over facebook, where he had noticed my business. What we both did not know - we had a mutual friend - my husband. The world is a small place indeed! :)


Marco only learns from the best, and that mirrors in the work he does. He does not stop at anything to get the picture just right. We had so much fun waching him during this shoot. The circumstances were rough since a storm had hit the beach. You should have seen him facing the painful sandy winds head on, be it by trying to get a shot of the beach or filming our exodus to the nearby location in the woods.


By now, Marco is not just a collegue, he is a friend. I cherish the way he is with people, making everyone feel special. You're looking for a Videographer with a passion? Book Marco he is just so much fun to be around!


Thank you Marco for sharing your passion with us!




That's what I'm talking about... typically Marco :)


Marco brought Eddie and Sven as part of the team. They did just amazing!



Strandhochzeit - Rebecca & Willi HD from Marco Dück | Films on Vimeo.




Vendors of this dream wedding:


Videography: Marco Dück | Films

Foto Material: Lilly Photography

Bridal styling: Natalia Kramer

Flowers & Decoration: Four Seasons Dekoration

Ceremony: Pastor W. Thiessen

Event Design: emotions & events











Photography graciously by Lilly Photography


This is, as you can see, part two of our enchanted intimate wedding feature. And guess what, there will be a part three. Hang on to your seats - it will be great!


For this event we had two great photographers with us in the team. One of them we had featured a couple of weeks ago: Basamba of Artaquis - modern Photography. Today I'd like to focus on Lilly - who actually was the youngest in the team - and just fit in greatly! I was very anxious to finally see the footage of this wedding, for there would be three different perspectives to indulge in.... third yet to come :)


I love the different ways one and the same thing can be portrayed. When featuring Basamba's work, you must have noticed his signature in the pictures. His eye captures the happenings as pure Art. And Lilly? Lilly is crazy about colours. And this is so much her. She goes for anything crazy and unconventional. So when you ask her to shoot your wedding - never offer her coffee or even tea morning or night - only Coke will do! :)


I have introduced you to the story of Beccy & Willi (see blogpost from June 25th). Now, not to  repeat myself, I will let you experience it for yourself, just soak up the pictures below.


This one was such a breathtaking renewal of wedding vows. I loved setting everything up and witnessing the intimate ceremony they were having. See for yourself.....




Can you see the roaring sea... you wouldn't believe the storm we had!



Natalia did just the best job ever! <3


... his name is Lui :)



While Beccy was getting ready, the team performed last minute tasks...



Beccy & Willi brought their love notes collection from the years past. So sweet!



In order to face the storm we had to snug her in tight to keep the curles as well as the gorgeous make-up intact... such a blast!



When on site, Natalia obviously enjoyed the redo!



As things progressed, a very introspective Beccy and Willi were looking forward to the big moment!



Just love this moment, when Willi is awaiting his lovely bride...



This part was very important to Beccy & Willi - the prayer of blessing on their lives.



Photography: Lilly Photography


Bridal styling: Natalia Kramer

Flowers & Decoration: Four Seasons Dekoration

Ceremony: Pastor W. Thiessen

Event Design: emotions & events








One of the core elements of a celebration that is as personal as a wedding, is the gathering of all those people that have been walking alongside with you on the same path for a long time. What can be more meaningful and intimate than having those folks around when celebrating THE day.That's how it was for this wedding. I just loved the family buzz around the couple. And even though there was a language barrier for some, since Naty's family originates from Latin America, the multi-cultural way of celebrating was very refreshing indeed. No tight schedule, but a perfect day in a relaxed Latino style! In some way everyone was involved giving the couple a good time. Family and friends had travelled from all over Germany & the world, to be there for the special day!


Naty & Stephanus were set up in a blind date through a mutual friend. Actually, they took small steps at first and very romantically got to know each other over letters and phone calls before daring to arrange a 'real date' :) And thus their story began. They dated for a while and Naty, this beautiful young lady from Latin America met the German culture head on. Trust me, cultural specialties are special indeed! :) But when Stephanus finally popped the question - flyling high above the roofs of Frankfurt on a chartered flight, just the two of them - Naty couldn't wait to say Yes. They just knew they were meant to be!



What a trooper!



This I thought was a very special moment that was very touching. Having said their vows, their closest family & friends came upfront to take part in the blessing. They all either held hands or touched each other in some gentle way.


oopsy daisy, almost.... :)


The whole party took off by foot across town for the reception dinner.


Naty's sister presented us with a wonderful native dance in this stunningly colourful attire. This girl was amazing!



The tables were named after places the couple had fond memories of. Is'nt that cute?


This cutie just looooved the candy bar!


... besides offering their guests a lovely candy bar I must say these PomPoms added so much to the decor! Don't you think?


They had a contest going for the funniest & most creative picture of the photo-booth. And by the way, don't you just looooove their logo (backdrop?)?



Even the couple tried out, but...


... eventually this one got the most votes and won a dinner evening w/the bride & groom!


Photography & Stationary: Lilly Photography

Fotobooth-girls-group: Jil Meuser-Schaede

Flower & Decor: Four Seasons Dekoration

PomPoms: PomPom your life!

Styling: Isabella Morello Podlesni

Event Design: emotions & events

Catering: Gaumenschmaus, Swisttal

Location: Altes Schloss, Grevenbroich

Chapel: Erckens Kapelle, Grevenbroich

with Jessy from Brautstories










... with a huge thank you to Artaquis - more than a picture for the awesome takes!



You remember our raffle we ran late last fall where you could win an intimate destination wedding? Well, Beccy was the first one to sign up. No later than the same night we had posted it, she applied. Long story short... another couple won the raffle. They were so excited but realised after a while what they wanted was a celebration with many guest, which we could not accomodate in this particular beach. Inthe end Beccy & Willi were the lucky winners. Let me take you on an adventurous journey, which enfolded around this wedding. It resembles Life as it is. Stripped of all the planning ahead, it takes its own course - not that it is any worse - just different and oftentimes even better than our original plan. :)


Beccy and Willi actually wed in April 2010. All was good, except that Beccy had cought some kind of flu and was very ill that day. She could not speak and felt miserable. The day she had anticipated so much, somehow flew pased her. When she send in her application she wrote: 'I would very much love to relive our special day one more time. Just Willi and me. Without any hussle and bussle. I would love to be able to say my vows again, which I could barely whisper a year and a half ago... . '


And so our mutual adventure began. On June 08th finally our team of 9 started the journey, heavily packed to Julianadorp in the Netherlands. We had booked a nice little beachhouse directly on site. The weather was very promissing, which releaved us of our worries. We were very surprised when driving along the bank to find debris of broken branches and leaves. A storm with over 46 miles/hour had surprised us. The pathway to the beachhouse was impassable, especially with all the luggage. Sandhills mounted everywhere and the combination of the wind and sand gave us a very thorough face peeling. We took just what we could hold on to, in order to be prepared for the night. Mummed and hooded we progressed very slowly toward the beachhouse. I can tell you, I never thought a sandstorm sooooo painful! :) Contrary to the forecast the weather did not change the next day. So we engaged in plan B.


Beccy & Willi made it to the beachhouse, fighting the amazing wind. Amazing to me, Beccy and Willi as well as the team then started working on this amazing wedding with high spirits.

Beccy & Willi love to write each other little love notes..., and yes Beccy is expecting. 'Button' they call their yet to be born lovingly. And look, the baby seems to have caught on to the tradition already :) .

Beccy & Willi were so relaxed and excited at the same time for what was awaiting them. Somehow we had to make sure the bride gets all styled over to the new location in one piece... we had so much fun dressing Beccy up :)

Close by, just off the beach and looking a little mediterranean there was a little enchanted forest, which was just perfect for our celebration.

This was THE moment: 'here comes the bride ...'

The ceremony, an affair very intimate and with a total focus on each other, was moving. After having been married for awhile already, the couple said, the vows took on a new meaning for them. What was so imensly important for Beccy, she now could say with a strong voice: ' ... I will with you... and for your ... by the grace of God, ... until death do us part.' A moment, not ever to be forgotten!

Thanks you guys Beccy & Willi, for letting us walk this journey with you. Wishing you and your little button all the best! :)<3 <3 <3



A huge thank you to an amazing team - I love you guys!


Photography: Artaquis - more than a picture

Bridal styling: Natalia Kramer

Flowers & Decoration: Four Seasons Dekoration

Film: Marco Dück Films

Ceremony: Pastor W. Thiessen

Event Design: emotions & events








Today I am just thrilled to show you one of my favorite stylings of one of our recent events which we have called 'Secret Love Picnic'. I had the priviledge of designing and organizing the Photography-Workshop of the very talented and much admired Photographer Nadia Meli,. As soon as the request came in my brain started marching off toward the given direction and hardly did anything else but think about a concept, jog through locations, play with color palettes and match up details. The ideas came and went until there was a loud ‚click‘ … I still think everyone around me could hear it! Then I knew: That’s IT!


The story behind all this is an intimate picnic to which the groom very lovingly invites his stunning bride. He shows he regard he has for his bride by sending her an invitation to this romantic picnic in a sealed envelope, in accord with the rules of etiquette. On little notes Joe, the groom, has laid out his heart and what his beloved Esther means to him. He then lovingly and artfully has decorated the picnic table as well as the surroundings, hanging the notes from the greenery all around. He has framed the declaration of his deep love towards her and placed it as the centerpiece on the uniquely decorated table. For his bride he has brought gifts, wrapped in small boxes – ladies, as we all know the smaller the parcel the more glamorous its content – and placed a ring for her on the table. He’d thought of everything: the stunning bridal dress, matching shoes, jewelry, the bridal bouquet … and all the other small and big details needed to make this ‘Secret Love Picnic’ so very special>


It is obvious, our sweet couple Esther & Joe, who actually just recently really got married, embodied our idea completely. To the two of you: you are unbelievable! A huge thank you, you touched us with your genuine love and togetherness! And to all the other awesome talents in the team: I am just so thankful and honored to have been able to work with you on one team!


Stationary: Katharina of KS Photo & Design

Bridal styling: Sara of Sara Menebröcker Brautstyling

Bridal attire: Anna of Felicita Design

Flowers: Helene of Helene Gutjahr Dekoration & Floristik

Set-Up: Alina Edelstein of Team emotions & events

Location: Studiolichtstrasse

Cakes & Patisserie: Madamme Miammiam


It was a very special highlight to have Marco Dück | Films on board. Marco, I can’t stop watching this awesome video! You are a star and 'THE’ find of the year! Watch the video here:

Nadia Meli // Workshop 2012 from Marco Dück | Films on Vimeo.


Hugs & kisses to dear Nadia Meli for letting me use this out of the world footage! <3 <3 <3 You truly rock!


Here we go, enjoy the show..... :)





... find out more about this workshop at: Nadia Meli Blog





Spring is a very special season of the year. And March is just the best month during this time because it is the month when I as well as emotions & events have their birthdates. Since I already celebrated my birthday, this blog is dedicated to my baby: emotions & events and thanks to the wonderful and creative Regina from Cup Cakery we have a very special Birthday-Cupcake! Regina, I wouldn’t mind having it this way every year :) !


Ever since I decided to start my business, I enjoyed a tremendous amount of trust that others put in me, and I was allowed to grow in the company of very talented colleagues. It is you I want to say thank you to for supporting me along the way, believing in me and encouraging me, especially when things were not running smoothly and I was frustrated. These are the so called “growing pains” and well, they are just part of it.


To my dear family, foremost, who had to adjust to the sudden lack of an orderly home life and who keep on encouraging me – thanks so much – I love you guys! Without you and without the goodness of my heavenly father, e & e would not be where it is today. Since March 2011 so many wonderful things have happened – things I would not have thought possible, and I feel humbled by them all.


Well and now: where do we go from here? Many fantastic events are scheduled for 2012 that we are just thrilled about and look forward to with great anticipation. There is the beach event (a Valentine’s Day special), the beach wedding … and of course the other weddings during the summer season! It will all be just wonderful!!! At the same there are new things to be ventured into and to be tackled, things that I have been thinking about for a quite a while already. For one thing, we would like to move closer to our customers. We already have one first idea on how to accomplish this, but that idea still needs to be pored over some more. And then there is our desire to share the good things we experience with others, less fortunate, who have had to endure some rough times in their lives. Both ideas are not yet developed in detail, but we will announce them here as soon as they are “official”. I really look forward to this!


And so we launch full speed into a new e & e year. It is so wonderful to have you along with us!



Irina Thiessen







“We do not remember days, we remember moments.” ~Cesare Pavese



Unvergesslich means unforgettable in german.... This year for an unforgettable Valentines gift to your One and Only how about a gift of Memories? Together with our so talented Photographers we offer a special photo shooting on the beach in June 2012. You can order the vouchers in time for Valentines via mail at See all details below & contact us with any queries you might have.


There is limited space so be quick - we would hate for you to miss this great opportunity!



Photoshooting at the Beach

June 09th or 10th 2012 in Julianadorp (NL)

Styling, Shooting, 100 Fotos on DVD

Timeframe: two hours for only € 195,00

orders will be taken until February 10th, 2012:


<3 ... hope to see you soon,



Irina Thiessen



… how nice to meet you here again!


Because we are so absolutely thrilled about our new webpage, we have decided to share our excitement with you. With the launch of our website, we are proud to present you with something really special – an Intimate Destination Wedding.




Just imagine …

… it’s summer. You are at a beach. You are there because you have come with a very special purpose – to celebrate the day of your dreams with that special person that means the world to you. It’s just the two of you, those two hearts that this wedding is all about.


You have just enjoyed a lavish breakfast on an idyllic patio at the beach while watching a gorgeous sunrise. Now you are ready for the day.


Stepping out of your light flooded house onto the terrace you enjoy the warmth of the sun and a nice view of the sea and its sandy beach - a breathtaking sight. And there you are – the bride. You watch the gentle waves caress the beach and step onto a wonderfully decorated pathway through the warm sand … a pathway that leads you in all your beauty to the one you love the most. You take the first steps and feel the warm sand under your feet. What an amazing moment. Your loved one cannot take his eyes off of you and you have yours fixed on him too. Right now, the whole world revolves around the two of you – there is nobody else. Together you step underneath a white baldachin. The ceremony begins …



This is how we would envision our special … it incorporates a multitude of unique and wonderful moments, some of them we now not even know about. This special is intended for those lovers and engaged individuals that have always dreamt of an intimate and romantic wedding at the beach. It is a celebration that does without the usual complexity of large scale wedding and thus allows you – the couple – to focus on each other in an intimate atmosphere.


This special is also intended for couples, who are already legally married, but up until now didn’t have their own ceremony or celebration and do not have any pictures of their wedding due to a prior lack of finances. We also have couples in mind, who have had many fantastic but also trying years of marriage and therefore wish to renew their vows and experience this wonderful moment again, only this time with a more profound inner conviction.


To all these couples we would like to offer a unique opportunity to make their dreams come true.


Among all the entries we raffle an Intimate Destination Wedding on the set date of June 09, 2012 on a wonderful beach at the North Sea. Included in this arrangement for two individuals (bride & groom) are:


  • Styling of the bride and groom
  • Bridal bouquet and groom flower boutineer
  • Decoration of the location & the baldachin
  • Pastoral ceremony on the beach
  • Champagne reception after the ceremony
  • Candlelight dinner
  • Photographic wedding coverage (5 hours)
  • Honeymoon-weekend in the beach house (3 overnight stays)


The winner of the raffle pays a fixed price of only 2,950.00 Euro for the complete Intimate Destination Wedding. We offer an upgrade with additional items upon consultation.


This is how:

Please mail us at letting us know why you would like to win this special and - if you wish – tell us about your special story. We will then send you the eligibility requirements which you need to return to us signed.


Entry deadline is the 1st of December 2011.


We eagerly look forward hearing from you in the upcoming weeks and await your mails. To all of you: have a lot of fun and good luck!


Your emotions-team



... it is so nice to have you with us!


My first webpage, my very first blog :-)! I am so excited and ask myself, what contents should I post, what should I sound like – rather formal, or maybe a bit relaxed? What would better resonate with my customers? It seems best – as I have learned – to simply start writing what comes to mind. Just sharing my gut level impressions, to write just the way I am. Having said this, here it goes:


On this blog, I would like to tell you about the things that just happened here and there in between and behind the scenes. This could at times be a funny story or something that touches our hearts and either makes us laugh or brings tears to our eyes. Here you will find something informative, important and also something not so important – never however anything needless.


At first, however, let me briefly introduce myself and tell you how this website came about and what has led me to change careers and start this business – don’t worry, I will be brief:

I have a passion – a passion for beauty, the exquisite and extraordinary things of live, and for the aesthetics. At my home you can find stacks of fancy interior design catalogues, magazines about architecture and design, decorations handbooks, fabric samples and pictures of breathtaking arrangements and decorations. You would also find books and journals with extravagant baking recipes bearing titles such as "pure chocolate - Divine Desserts and Sweets from the Creator of..." Just a myriad of things that focus on beauty, sensuality, extravagance and aesthetics. I just love to revel in these things and constantly have new ideas on their implementation. These things just have a magical pull on me. If I would have to explain it, I would compare it to music that emanates from these things and which just perfectly resonates with me and gives me a deep sense happiness.


… what does this have to do with wedding planning? Very simple: where else if not at a wedding are we presented with the opportunity to combine a beautiful interior design, a diverse mix of artistic expressions, wonderful decorations, a menu of choice foods and – not to be forgotten – good music, just to name a few? It goes without saying, of course, that all of this requires a most precise organization. The latter represents the more concrete and businesslike side of the coin – that part that used to be my profession. Therefore I know what I am talking about.

Now I can finally combine the two! This is simply wonderful, and I am so excited to see what projects, challenges and breathtaking things the Almighty will lovingly put in my way. I look forward to our time together and the exchange we can have either via email or facebook.

I look forward to meeting old acquaintances and new people in my life, with whom I can share my passion, and who I can help to make that very special day in their lives a truly unforgettable experience!


Until real soon,